My past is an unrepentant brawler
It doesn’t know when and where a battle is lost

In its obsession with war, it goes about turning the ground
Attempting to revive the seeds of yester years misfortune

His is not a passion fueled by mischief but by the cancerous workings of outright malice

Determined not to leave any stone unturned, it ravenously searched for my past’s black hole

An eeriely dark gateway to the place where all the hurts, pains, regrets, dissapointment and grief had been tucked away

And in vain it searched, for my past is nowhere to be found like a drop of water in an ocean

Forever lost in space and time, freeing me from an unnecessary weight that once threatened my existence

Mine is a past forever written off by a blood that’s sacred and pure.



Beauty And The Priestess

You may be silent by nature
But your beauty is oddly loud

Your gentle spirit reaching out to my heart
With a vice-like grip, refusing to let go like Jacob

Contagious is your beauty and the purity of your soul
No one crosses path with you without getting purified

Passion burn in your eyes like the torches on Mount Olympus
Of course, in them my love-weary soul finds strength

You are a blend of sunrise and sunset
Giving colour to the eyes that behold you

You are a virtuous woman who I found,
Not in a dream, but in a reality only few are opportuned to access

Like a gazelle running with the wind
Yet never losing sight of who you are

A daughter of Zion, versed in administering love like Yeshua
With flaming eyes that make my head dizzy

A slay queen whose throne is her knees, slaying the devices of the flesh in tongues alien to men

In your smile, men catch glimpses of utopia
Be benevolent oh you beautiful damsel and smile often,
For that is the balm for my bleeding heart



Are parents still teaching their wards about contentment these days? Do young people of this century know that contentment is a virtue? According to Wikipedia, “Contentment is a mental or emotional state of satisfaction maybe drawn from being at ease in one’s situation, body and mind. Colloquially speaking, contentment could be a state of having accepted one’s situatfreeion and is a milder and more tentative form of
happiness.” Stay with me, we are heading somewhere. Most Nigerian youths today have no regards for patience and contentment, everyone seems to be in a hurry to achieve big things and amass wealth, disregarding the need to undergo the proper processes that birth these things. Hence the increase in crime rate and the endemic rise of depression and suicide.
The emergence of social media wealth and surgically acquired body flaunting celebrities, have also contributed immensely to the growing pressure on most youths today. The society tends to disregard anyone who can’t afford the latest car, Gucci or a cosmetic backside, making such persons feel like underachievers. People no longer care about the dignity our forefathers said is in labour, you are only dignified in people’s eyes when your bank account is full and running over. Your vices too get easily overlooked because you are successful, while using a stricter weighing scale for the poor and struggling. I’ve also seen and heard cases of parents forbidding their daughters from marrying unsuccessful young men, in one way or the other these young men end up getting frustrated and throwing in the towel. These societal pressures are the key factors in the rise of depression and suicide in Nigeria. There’s a need to drive into people’s head that we all don’t have the same timeline, and each and every person has his own track. We can only truly achieve contentment when we stop looking at our inadequacies and become more thankful for what we do have. Lack of contentment is already doing damage to the Nigerian image especially through international cyber crime, so it is high time we begin to teach our young people how to embrace themselves and what they have. Teach them to understand that there is truly dignity in labour. I live you with a quote by Emmanuel Kant on contentment, “We are not rich by what we possess but by what we can do without”.

Tears Of The Stars

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap
Goes her shoes, a young girl returning from rehearsals happy as a free bird.
Each step keep getting her closer,
Unaware of the danger that lurks
She, so innocent and had only turned sixteen.
So innocent and free like the leaves that fly with the morning breeze,
Suddenly out of the shadows, cold dark hands grabbed her,
Muffling her screams, yanking and tearing apart her dignity,
For their humanity have flown at the appearance of lust, they’ve transformed into cannines without the cameo of the lunar moon.
They ravaged her all night like wild dogs , discarding her protests, pleas and shock as mere facade,
She must be enjoying it, they said to each other in their evil voices.
The blood flowed ceaselessly as she lay on her bare back shaken and lost, wondering what she’s done to deserve this.
Far away, the boys revel in their achievements for the night, each swelling with pride. They later dispersed, each going his way, looking forward to their next hunt together.
Tony got home only to meet the whole family gathered outside sorrounding his precious little sister Juliet, who was sprawled out on the veranda half naked and shaking like a leaf.
When he asked for an explanation, the reply he got made him recoil in shock and guilt, he has unwittingly gotten involved in dehumanizing and deflowering his little sister.
Two weeks later, Juliet continues undergoing therapy while the police investigate the case.
Meanwhile, Tony have been having nightmares for two weeks…………

To be continued………..

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